Most people believe that everything they want depends on someone else. People also believe that their quality of life depends on maintaining a job and receiving a salary from their employers. Though this may be true to a certain extent, the reality is not what you might think. The truth is that your quality of life depends on the available funds after expenses. The income you receive in order to have basic necessities as well as some luxuries to enjoy your life. Your income could come from many sources, and a job is only one of them.

Starting Point

How you think about yourself, your life, and you desire, is the starting point. You must wake up to the fact that you are the one that is responsible for your life. Your responsibility is to do whatever is necessary so that you can enjoy everything that you desire. Our aim is to help you to condition your mind to materialise your desires from beneficial services to others.


If you are aware of the subconscious mind, you already possess useful knowledge to start transforming your life. If you also understand the term autosuggestion, then you have a strong basis to benefit from MindDev. Being aware of these two key elements, puts you in a very strong position to transform your life. These two elements form the foundation of MindDev.


The purpose of MindDev is to help everyone with strong desires, to be able to receive and enjoy riches. However, if you intend to change your life from possible mediocrity to riches, you have to put in effort. Remember, it is not right for you to expect something for nothing. If you understand the will of Infinite Intelligence, then you would realise that true riches is waiting for you.

Improve Your Life

To receive the benefit from MindDev then you must have a desire to improve your life. Your happiness, success and riches all comes through self-effort from your thinking and actions. You must be willing to maintain your efforts until you have achieved your goals. Also, you must be unwilling to accept failure and recognise only results. You must continue trying until you get the results you desire.

Your Riches

If you are ready to open the doors to your riches, then we are here to help you achieve this. You must first enforce recognition of the Power of Thought into your subconscious mind. Everyone using MindDev system in earnest, will enjoy significant benefits or true riches in their lives. Thinking and doing the right things with persistence makes it impossible to fail.

Your Success

Your success is dependent on your own efforts as you are the only one that has control over your thoughts. However, if you use the MindDev system with an open mind, you will succeed with whatever goals you desire. As demonstrated through our system we created, we are committed to your success. Your success will help to make the world a better place.

Our Commitment

The principles set out in our website, are from years of experience and studies. These success principles are used consciously or subconsciously by almost every successful person in the world. We hope you value this opportunity and effectively use MindDev system to bring true riches into your life. Feel it, believe it, and for the love of all, Claim Your Riches. You deserve it!