Some people say you need Love, while others say your need Happiness. Many others say it is Money you need but what you really need is FACSAD (pronounced “FAS-SAD”).  As a member, you would follow the course of mind development laid out in FACSAD. By the end of this course, you would have achieved conscious awareness and powerful use of your thoughts.

What is FACSAD?

FACSAD is the effective blending of success principles organised for you to transform into an Elite performer. It is delivered in a process for you to consciously influence your subconscious mind. You would therefore be making conscious use of the power of your Subconscious Mind. It will also help you develop the ability to harness the forces of Infinite Intelligence, to ensure the transformation of your desires into realities.


Each letter of FACSAD is the start of a word representing a phase that delivers a set of success principles. These principles have been organised in a well-structured manner. It is delivered in a process for you to gain control over the material reaching your Subconscious Mind. This includes using the forces of infinite intelligence so that it will bring into your life, everything you desire. You cannot entirely control your Subconscious Mind, but with conscious knowledge and consistent application, you can significantly influence it.

Familiarise yourself with the idea that through your thoughts and actions you will bring into your life whatever you desire.

Adjust your thinking, emotions, and habits to be consistent with your familiarisation.

Crave something great, riches that will make you most happy and grow to desire it until it becomes an obsession.

Strategy for collecting your riches must be created and organised through definite plans.

Act promptly with your strategy to carry out your plans until you succeed in achieving what you desire.

Draw-on the forces of Infinite Intelligence using specific tools in executing your plans do bring your desire into reality.


You would be able to plant desires and achieve these with the use of the success principles. You would gain mastery over your economic faith, and ultimately, attain your riches. It is important to note that attaining your riches depends entirely on you, your goals, decisions , actions and consistency. Your ability to use your mind in the correct manner will dictate the riches you receive. The riches you receive will be in proportion to your mind development and consistency of your required actions.

Source of Material

The material in MindDev is the result of decades of experience and study of success principles that results in success. All sources show that people become successful because they develop the ability to consciously use their mind power. They also consciously or subconsciously use the forces of Infinite Intelligence. Over 90% of people in the world do not appreciate these forces or neglect to use them. MindDev was created from applying the success principles including the forces of infinite intelligence.


Through FACSAD, you would learn and use the success principles and the intangible forces. These forces are available to you so it is your decision to live in poverty, misery, distress, or unhappiness. Alternatively, you can choose to create a life of love, happiness, wealth, abundance, and possibility for yourself and others. MindDev therefore helps you so that you can develop the ability to use the tools you already have. Have Faith and belief in your ability to create and achieve your best life.