Achieving your goals gives a great sense of success with advancing your life. This also the power of proving to you that once you set your mind to achieving something worthy, and you take the correct actions towards it achievement, you will achieve it. The bigger your goals, the greater the sense of achievement. Also, setting and working on big goals, results in achievement of many smaller goals along the way.

If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not to people or things. – Albert Einstein


In the process of achieving your goals, the greater the goal, the greater the challenges.  It is also important that you are conscious about the way you think about the challenges you experience along the way.  This plays an important role in determining your success or failure.   When you are experiencing great challenges, you may start worrying and possibly have doubts about accomplishing your goal. This is common to the vast majority of people and the degree of its influence on you, depends on how well your mind is conditioned for success.

Your Associations

The people around you often have a major part to play in you achieving anything noteworthy.  They may support you in achieving your goals, or they may hinder you.  It is therefore important for you to be sensible about your associations and the influence they have on you.


Creating a good workable plan is very important.  It focuses your mind correctly and strengthens ability. Your goals need to be SMART; specific with the desired outcome to be achieved by a specified date.


Taking actions towards the achievement of your goals is necessary. If you desire a goal but do not take consistent actions towards its achievement, then your goal is only a wish. Your actions will be a direct result of your thoughts. In many cases, your thoughts may not necessarily be in harmony with your desired goal. However, you have the power to control your thoughts and therefore, to think in harmony with your desire.

The process in MindDev, will help you recondition your mind so that your thoughts will be in harmony with your desires.  Your actions will therefore be inspired actions to take you closer to your goals. Applying consistent effort, would result in your improved mind development enabling you to apply the principles necessary for success.  You must however, never, never, never give up.