For everyone, we provide general information on various aspects so that you become aware of your own mind power. We also have general pages which will give detailed information about the purpose of the website and its contents. This is to ensure that you are well informed about our system before starting any membership.

The success principles we deliver follow a precisely designed series of stages in our created acronym, FACSAD. Those who have witnessed our journeys, consider our status now as miraculous. Our successes are entirely because of the conscious and subconscious use of key success principles being delivered in FACSAD. Our journey took many heartbreaking years of struggle. We created this system so that you can achieve more than we have in much shorter time.


Are you living your dream or enjoying true Riches? We have observed people, including close relatives and friends who live with many forms of failures, defeat, and misery. Many of these people never achieve true happiness or success because of debilitating mind conditioning. We therefore offer our help and support to everyone so that they could win.


Do you believe you should give people everything they want for nothing in return? Even if you have a lot, doing this would result in your reserves or resources depleting. Many of us still expects something for nothing, which is why most people are not enjoying true Riches. To receive true Riches, you must condition your mind in order for your actions to bring Riches.


There are simple laws that governs everything in the universe whether we want to recognise it or not. It is the law of Cause and Effect. So if you want something then you must act on the cause so that you could have the effect. For example, if you jump off a building, you will fall to the ground. This is because of gravity (the cause) causing you to fall (the effect).


If everything is governed by cause and effect, then receiving riches is an effect. So if receiving Riches is an effect, you can now ask yourself, what is the cause? After understanding the cause, the next question is how do you use and act on the cause to receive the effect? MindDev is setup for you to recognise and act on the cause so that you enjoy the effects (Riches).

Applicability of success  principles

In changing the level of my desires, I started using mind development material. I found that I was able to identify where I used each success principle during my drive to achieve my desires. I was also able to identify the causes of defeats and failures I experienced along the way. What I therefore recognised was that the principles to achieve riches, are the same as those to get out of poverty into a good successful life.

Process – Member web pages

Explanations of a particular success principle example “Desire”. Category will give explanations about the success principle and its importance.

We created a section to enable you to enter a state of positive emotion. This is done before you start to make use of self-suggestion with the phrase.

You will use the phrase of the success principle in self-suggestion. Everyone uses self-suggestion subconsciously but mainly in a negative way. Here, you use these in a positive way.

The directions are steps you are given to enable making the best use of autosuggestion through effective self-suggestion.


I was born in poverty and at the age of 13 years old, established my desires. These were so significant that mentioning an intermediate desire to a friend, she could not stop laughing at me. I achieved all my desires and significantly more, against all odds. My current achievements in all aspects, are significantly higher than I could have imagined during my childhood years in poverty.

Membership Benefits

Our members receive the success principles in a well-defined structure and process. Consistently and habitually using this as instructed, will recondition your mind for success in acquiring true Riches. You will be able to access material according to your stage in the course. The material for each week includes full instructions to use in reconditioning your mind for success.


Everyone has desires appropriate to their situation and dreams. You consistently using our system and acting correctly and persistently, will recondition your mind. Your mind being correctly reconditioned, will bring results unique to you and therefore, your successes. So you using our system and achieving your desires, means that we achieved our objective.

Other Sources

Many books have been written about how to build wealth, but these could be difficult to access. In many cases, people buy and read these books but still cannot achieve the success they desire. These books are very good and useful if you have the correct mindset. If you have the wrong conditioning, they would not help you simply because of the way you think.

Our Commitment

We believe that people will benefit from understanding that they can make a positive difference in their lives. We strive to find ways of getting this message across to everyone. Our website is aimed at helping, encouraging and supporting you to make progress consistently and efficiently. It is beneficial to everyone regardless of your current position in life or mindset.  If you truly desire Riches, then if a poor 13 year old boy can do it, so can you.