Enjoying one of the membership levels offered by MindDev gives the opportunity to add other specific category of focus.  This allows members to develop specific areas of weakness or challenge, so that they can achieve true Riches.


  • Development of great relationships
  • Focus on time management
  • Learn about money
  • Develop yourself with precision
  • Mastering your thoughts
  • Using your real power

Your Success

MindDev is setup for you to transform your life to achieve major success.  Your specific needs may not be the same as another person.  Everyone’s circumstances are different and as a result, your focus may be different to that of another person.  Your weak or challenging area, or area of focus, may be quite different from those of another person. For this reason, MindDev offers various specific packages to its members.

You have the ability to chose any training or coaching package or any membership  level.  You can also choose other specific package that are available to members with a base package.  This gives Flexibility to members, to mix and match categories of membership, to suit their individual needs.

The Relationship, Time and Money membership packages are therefore only available to members of other membership levels which does not include members who are Free Subscribers, or the general public.