Knowing that everyone’s circumstances are different we have split out some membership categories to offer full flexibility.  This is because the weak, challenging or area of focus for one person, may be different from those of another.


Consider for example, a young man, may be in the early stages of his career with the aim of being extremely successful. He may be completely focused on this achievements with no desire for relationships. He may also be in good health. However, it is possible that he may have financial challenges. For this person, adding the Money membership package to the Transform membership level would be most suitable.  Adding the Time package may improve efficiency with his time in order to achieve success in the two areas of focus.

Another example is that you may have everything you need but may be in a relationship that is not harmonious. In this case, incorporating Relationship to the Transform membership may be more suitable.  This allows you to achieve maximum benefit with minimum cost.


The founder of MindDev, experienced this stage in life. Because of not having access to a system like MindDev, he ran into financial difficulties.  This was the price paid for focusing exclusively on achieving major successes in the other areas. Learning about Money completely transformed his financial situation.  This resulted in the elimination of debt before receiving increased income.

The focus of MindDev is to enable its members to achieve maximum benefit from the system.  It is created so that you are able to have your best life. Your success is our focus and priority, so your success means everything to us. We succeed went you succeed.   We encourage you to share your experiences using the Confidential Community Forum.   Sharing with other like minded members with the same specific focus areas adds support and encouragement.