The Power of Thought is the only thing over which every human being has complete, unquestionable, and unchallengeable means of control. This is such a significant fact that it creates a close relationship between the mind of man and the source of all power: Infinite Intelligence. This is the key that holds the power for you to unlock your potential and dramatically change your life for the better.

Negative Mindset

Power of Thought

Having a Negative Mindset is more common in the world than having a positive mental attitude. This is because of working principles associated with emotions, thoughts and the subconscious mind.


Power of Thought

During your life, you will encounter people giving you advice on various things relating to your life. Your mindset will influence how you accept or assess the value of the advice you are given.


Power of Thought

Being influenced incorrectly by advice may cause you to not develop your mind correctly to obtain your riches. Like everyone else, you are born with a right to enjoy true riches.


Every human being generates thought impulses. Very often, people’s thoughts are not created or placed there for specific purposes. The thoughts we generate and experience for most of our daily lives occur by default. This means these thoughts originate because of our daily experiences, the media, interactions with other people, and so on. Most of these thoughts are generally negative in nature. In FACSAD, you will understand why as humans, we have to survive the default impulses reaching our subconscious mind. These impulses are also the ones that are physically and mentally degrading. With MindDev, you will be able to develop your mind to break the flow of these negative impulses. You would then be able to plant thoughts consistent with your desires.

Subconscious Mind

Power of Thought

True Riches does not come by default without effort otherwise laziness and selfishness would prevail over significance. Effectively using the power of your Subconscious Mind is necessary.

Success Strategy

Power of Thought

Positively influencing your subconscious mind takes time and effort with application of success principles. Developing your mind using success strategy enables your transformation.

Claim Your Riches

Power of Thought

Once your mind has developed to the required ability, you would be able to achieve your goals and desires. Achieving these constitutes true riches and in this way you Claim Your Riches.

The whole secret of a successful life is to find out what is one’s destiny to do, and then do it – Henry Ford