Coaching package addresses the main areas so that you would be able to enjoy good health, true happiness with loving relationships, time for everything and real riches.  It is the comprehensive package which also comes with the Elite membership that includes Wellness, Relationships, Time and Money in attracting true riches.

The coaching package uses the same principles in the FACSAD process though it only follows the exact sequence through the Elite membership. Coaches assesses the members current state of mind development and creates additional mind development material if necessary, to address specific weak areas in the member’s life. The coach also focuses on the member’s most pressing needs to ensure that this gets resolved first for maximum benefit.


  • Access to coach (remote except Ottawa, Canada)

  • Direct specific focused development

  • Four (4) hours per month coaching

  • Emotional support

  • Free Elite membership access

  • Transforming your life

  • Possess courage and self confidence

  • Achieve the “impossibles”


A person might be quite intelligent and appear to be successful. However, there could be different aspects of the person that are causing them to not break through and be their best because of deep mental conditioning that is hindering their success. In some cases, people may or may not be aware of these hindering issues and it could be extremely difficult to break the habits and change their life.


Such people may only be able to change with personal professional support. Coaching helps with examining the deep thoughts, fears, challenges, and so on, to find all the hindering issues, so that these could be removed and replaced with powerful mind reconditioning. Using Elite membership in parallel, enables development of the success principles that is necessary to achieve true riches.


As with everything new, you may experience challenges along the way to your success. As a member of the coaching package, you would benefit from direct guidance and support from the coach to help you through the mental and emotional challenges associated with changing. Using our Confidential Community Forum enables further support from the our team and like minded members.

Our Commitment

At MindDev, our focus is on your success with you achieving true riches.  Using our coaching package and system, money, good health, harmonious relationships and sound time management are benefits you enjoy as representation of your level of acquired mind development.  Your mind development is your key to success so to enjoy true riches, you must be persistent and NEVER GIVE UP!