Retreat package gives very good start in the awareness and development of the success principles so that you would be able to appreciate and understand the significance of good health, true happiness with loving relationships, time for everything and true riches.  Our comprehensive self assessment will help you achieve clarity of your development needs.

Taking advantage of our Retreats, which is comprehensive one (1) coaching package in various parts of the world with the majority held in Canada, comes with several benefits to include intensifying the fire under your desires. You will hear from various speakers and have physical access to coaches and other professionals during the Retreat, to give you insight into the mindset of Elite performers.


  • Appreciation of mind power

  • Understanding of True riches

  • Significance of positive mental attitude

  • Free Elite membership access for 1 month

  • Health consciousness

  • Significance of emotions

  • Awareness of negative influences

  • Comprehensive Self Assessment


You might be quite intelligent and doing the things believed to be necessary for success but not quite achieving the successes you desire. In addition, reading the right books and attending courses may be providing some help. However, consciously or unconsciously, having deep limiting beliefs without proper support, could cause the achievement of significant successes to be impossible.


You may be in a situation needing deep mental evaluation to understand exactly what issues are limiting your success and to have professional guidance to get the right boost. In addition to very good insight into success principles, our Retreats also help with highlighting deep thoughts, fears and other limiting challenges, so you are able to confidently progress in the correct direction for success.


Having clarity with the challenges you are experiencing in your efforts for success, would sharpen your mind during the Retreat, in seeking answers to your questions. Members of the Retreat package benefit from direct connection from coach(es) and professionals during the Retreat. Taking advantage of our Confidential Community Forum provides support from our team and like minded members.

Our Commitment

At MindDev, our focus is on your success with you achieving true riches.  From using our Retreat package and system, money, good health, harmonious relationships and good time management are benefits you learn to recognise and appreciate. Your mind development is your key to success, so to enjoy true riches, you must be persistent and NEVER GIVE UP!