Webinar package is a good approach to hearing directly from our coaches without being in the same location. Our webinar session is also a good way to obtain better insight into the benefits offered by MindDev in all the main categories.

You will be given the opportunity to have a free assessment of your true development needs. As with anything in life, if you are planning to achieve your goals, you need to know where you are today, so you would know which direction to take to achieve your goals. Our comprehensive self assessment therefore helps you to achieve clarity of your development needs.


  • Appreciation of mind power

  • Understanding of True riches

  • Significance of positive mental attitude

  • Free Prestige membership access for 3 months

  • Health consciousness

  • Significance of emotions

  • Awareness of negative influences

  • Comprehensive Self Assessment


Most people do not believe that their thoughts are significant. In addition, many people also believe that people in good circumstances are there because of chance or luck. People born into good families benefit from the efforts of their parents. If these people do not think and act appropriately, they could experience degradation of their wealth and end up living in financial difficulty like many people.


Recognising that for us to enjoy true riches, we need to have our minds well developed and used constructively, we must be in great health and our relationships to be harmonious. Benefits of true riches requires us to manage our time to take the correct actions for growth, rest and recreation and a benefit is having sufficient money to enjoy the basic necessities and some luxuries.


Making the best use of this package would result in you thinking differently and starting to change. Changing is necessary for you to develop and improve, and often causes discomfort. You may also experience challenges from your circumstances, close relatives and friends. This is common so our Confidential Community Forum provides support from our team and like minded members.

Our Commitment

Through our Webinar package, our commitment is providing you with e a very good introduction of each of the key areas for true riches. It is most suitable if you are or are not aware of the power of your thoughts and willing to consider learning and developing your mind, so that you would be able to create the future you desire.